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Press Release, July 20, 2017

PigaONE becomes available for sale “InDemand” on Indiegogo

eThe success of the Kickstarter campaign confirms and important need amongst barefoot sports and activities practitioners for the flexible support footwrap

Montreal, Canada – July 20, 2017 – After having exceeded 30 000$ in sales and doubled its financing goal, Canada-based PIGA Inc. announces that its minimalist footwrap is now available for sale ‘’InDemand’’ on Indiegogo.

“We are on a mission to bring novel solutions to people who wish to be active and pursue their sports with greater comfort and stability. The comments we received during the campaign towards our first product PigaONE confirms there is an important need for our flexible support footwrap.” said Sandra Tremblay, Founding President at Piga Inc. “In fact, their orders are allowing us to put our first 1000 units into production with our partners in Mexico.”

“Although we have reached our initial financial goal, we are pursuing funding on the Indiegogo platform as our mission is far from over.’’ she added. “With 2 other products featuring the patent-pending plantar arch technology currently under development, every extra penny raised on the Indiegogo platform will be used to accelerate our development projects, carry out further testing of the efficiency of PigaONE, investigate other application of our patent-pending technology and alas, hire employees to support our growth.”

 About PigaONE

PigaONE is a breakthrough in barefoot footwear. Grip socks and other barefoot footwear were until now the go-to option for barefoot sports practitioners. Now with PigaONE, active people can stay in control and maintain their balance while engaging in barre, Pilates, yoga, dance, SUP, martial arts, as well as post-activity recovery, being on their feet all day, and more; whether at the studio, the gym, on land and even on the water.

Infused with the gentle yet effective arch-support patent-pending technology — and many other novelties for stronger, healthier feet, PigaONE provides perfect stability and control that builds from the inside-out. From the heels and toes right down to the muscles and tendons, PIGAOnes aren’t meant to just cover the feet, but stabilize and support them while providing a welcome relief to heavy legs, sweaty feet or foot injuries than may sometimes hamper trainings.

Pricing and Availability

PigaONE is available to back now ‘’InDemand’’ on Indiegogo. The footwraps will be shipped to all backers staring in November 2017. The starting price for one pair is 55$ for one pair, or 106$ for 2 pairs (suggested manufacturers resale price is 65$).

To learn more about PigaONE or to back the campaign, you can visit the Indiegogo page here:

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