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PigaONE PostureForce Technology

Our intention with PigaONE© is to respond to the unmet needs of deliberate foot strength training. We are on a mission to create smart footwear that shapes to your foot and feels barefoot at the same time.

PigaONE© is the first minimalist footwear integrating patent-pending PostureForceTM arch-support technology for all barefoot activities.

PIGAOne© is suitable for all low-to-medium impact barefoot sporting activities, such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts, crossfit, and more. It’s also suitable for water-based and outdoor activities like surf or SUP.

Active enthusiasts finally have an option to excel barefoot with PIGAOne©. The foot-based body activation gear enhances the benefits of any barefoot sporting activity, and lets you perform to your full potential. It’s barefoot, but better.

PigaONE© helps you excel at the barefoot activities you love the most.

Our feet take hundreds of tons of impact in an average day of walking. And that’s not taking into account the impact your feet endure when you play sports! If you take better care of your feet, you get bloodflow, more comfort – and you can play better. ​

It's easy to take our feet for granted. They're simply there, putting up with a whole host of challenges, from being jammed into high heels with elevated, unnatural heights, to being smothered inside sweaty socks.

To move and feel better from your feet up, you should focus on:

  • Mobility, which is the body’s ability to move easily and fully through a range of motion - without compensation or pain.
  • Stability, which is feeling strong and adequately supported through a range of movements.
  • Balance, which is the ability to control the body’s position, either stationary (e.g. complex yoga pose) or while moving (e.g. ice skating)

From athletes to office workers, we all have some level of dysfunction in our movement that prevents us from activating our body to its best. Now you can allow yourself to become even more fluid and strong, with PigaONE©.

  • Faulty foot and ankle mechanics impact muscle function, and joint health throughout the entire body.
  • Most shoes act as a crutch, contributing or worsening foot and ankle dysfunction.
  • Barefoot & minimalist training is the ideal way to train and move - but your body must be properly prepared first.

PigaONE© changes the way you do your sport

As an athlete, you’re built from the ground up. The body is a vastly interconnected system, and your feet are the foundation. So if you’re struggling to push past a plateau – whether in your fitness, your flexibility or your strength - your feet may be your missing link. Despite the tremendous importance of intrinsic foot strength, most athletes unwittingly sacrifice performance and set themselves up for injury by neglecting one thing: their toes.

It’s surprisingly easy to improve your foot strength. Strengthening your feet can lead to huge improvements in performance. The feet effectively act as a bottleneck for speed, strength, and power – and not many of us know it.

A well-developed foot is important for anyone, particularly if you’re practicing a barefoot sport. The muscles in the feet provide stability for all movement, and consistent attention to working on your feet is the best way to ensure that you’re able to protect your body and get better at your sport.

Postural balance is essential in human movement – whether you’re lifting weights, balancing on one foot, or carrying plates to the dinner table. Developing proper balance is a prerequisite for many functional and sporting activities. PigaONE© is the tool that will help you fine-tune your proprioception and be more aware of your body.

Why PigaONE© is different

PigaONE© is a minimalist footwear sporting an attractive design that meets the unique needs of barefoot sports enthusiasts for whom support and balance are essential for optimal balance.

The integration of a flexible arch-support system into a second skin makes it capable of strengthening the feet through neuromuscular activation, whether before, during or after training. This technology and approach is totally unprecedented.

Unlike rigid orthoses, PIGAOne© strengthens and stabilizes the feet so that the internal muscles of the feet work and develop properly - and you get to keep the gain you’ve earned while wearing PigaONE© after you take them off.

PigaONE is a whole a new approach

At PIGA, we embrace the benefits of the ground as a tool to produce more efficient, and better yet, more effective injury-free workouts.

When you think about arch support, you might be thinking about rigid orthoses, or orthotics. But think again. Rigid orthoses can help temporarily, but when they become permanent, they could lead to a loss in proprioception, or losing a fine-tuned feel of your body. For athletes, this type of support is not a viable option at this cost.

PigaONE© is a new way of thinking about orthoses. It’s a complete re-design. The novelty comes from an adjustable and flexible arch support where you can control the level of stimulation and support, all while improving your proprioception – not dulling it.

The built-in PostureForceTM technology improves the body’s innate ability to engage the proper postural reflexes while standing. PigaONE© strengthens and stabilizes so the internal muscles of the feet work and develop properly.

How PigaONE compares to the rest of the market

Socks and other barefoot gear offer protection and a non-skid sole. More comprehensive orthoses or orthotics do offer arch support, but they are more expensive (often doctor-prescribed) and can lessen proprioception. Other minimalist footwear gear offer protection and stability, but no arch support.

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How PigaONE should be used by athletes

PigaONE© minimalist footwear is suitable for all low-to-medium impact barefoot sporting activities, such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts, crossfit, and more. It’s great for water-based and outdoor activities like surf or SUP.

Wearing PigaONE© while wandering barefoot is also a good habit to develop - even on lazy days around the house.

How PigaONE© helps with injuries

It’s easy to forget that each of our feet is composed of 28 bones, 38 muscles, 35 articulations and 56 ligaments! The feet are our most strategic elements to biomechanics. They allow us to stand, to spin, and to maintain our balance. Without strong healthy feet, many of our daily activities can become difficult, if not impossible.

The feet’s mechanics can falter, often because they are being underused, stressed by ill-fitting shoes, injuries or excess weight. Throughout our lifetime, nearly 8 out of 10 people will experience foot pain. In many cases, this will impact someone’s ability to walk, participate in sports, or even remain standing.

If you're unable to perform the majority of your daily activities barefoot, then you may have a foot and ankle deficiency. You may also have pain elsewhere in your body. Improving foot and ankle function can do wonders for movement mechanics, particularly in the hips and lower torso. The feet and ankles are best trained with a variety of exercises that focus on stabilization and balance – and PigaONE© can help in that journey.

PigaONE© can help you avoid compensation which leads to pain or trauma when the body creates an imbalance in the upper body. To properly rehabilitate the foot, and relieve pain throughout the whole body, PigaONE© can be combined to a re-education program following injury or trauma (once prescribed by a physician). In a combination program like that, you will experience less fatigue, decreased tension in the foot, decreased demand of energy to perform movement and maintain your balance. Plus, you will recreate proper foot posture.

The benefits of wearing PigaONE© include:

  • Neuromuscular stimulation: strengthens your muscles and tendons
  • Biomechanical alignment: straightens ankle to correct position
  • Compression: reduces foot fatigue and improves bloodflow
  • Minimalist design: provides free range of movement
  • Ground anchoring: enhances weight-bearing points and features a non-slip sole for more control

The PostureForceTM Technology        

What our technology is based on

PigaONE© barefoot gear can help you absorb and minimize impact on your feet. Wearing PigaONE can strengthen the muscles of your feet, correct your posture, and improve your balance. Since the feet are the anchors of any barefoot sport, they need to be supported and strengthened correctly.

We all know that a house needs a solid foundation to stand. The same goes for building our practice in barefoot activities! Regardless of where we put our bodies, our feet must be grounded and secure to perform to our full potential.

Many standing poses use the feet as our foundation. So it’s important to make sure that this foundation is a solid one. How do we do this? By bringing our awareness to our feet. That’s where it all starts. That’s where PostureForceTM technology works.

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The PostureForceTM mode of action

The PostureForceTM technology improves the innate body’s ability to engage the proper postural reflexes while standing.

The flexible and adjustable arch support stimulates the arch to allow more stability. It does this by by optimizing pressure points in the feet. It strengthens and stabilizes the feet so that the internal feet muscles work and develop properly.

Thanks to PostureForceTM technology, the neuromuscular foot activation power of PigaONE© stimulates nerve endings in the plantar arch. This unique stimulation prompts the body to react by making adjustments to keep its optimal standing position. By targeting the right nerve endings in this area of the foot, PigaONE© improves whole body posture from the feet up.

The triangle-like formation of weight bearing points and arch of the foot give us balance and mobility. However, if the structure of the foot is disturbed or inhibited, general health problems and pain are common.

Balance is important

Balance is the most important skill in barefoot sporting activities – whether it be yoga, Pilates, surf or any other barefoot sport. Balance is essential for all human movement, and is necessary for the activities of daily living. By definition, balance is the ability to maintain the body's position over its base of support, both statically and dynamically (when standing or moving).

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Basically, balance involves two main variables – the centre of mass and the base of support. The centre of mass is the term given for the middle point, or centre of a body. For example, the centre of the cube in figure 1 (as indicated by a red dot) is the point at which forces such as gravity act on the body (as indicated by the blue line).

The base of support is the area of contact underneath an object. Eg. The base of the cube (as indicated by the yellow area).

If the centre of mass is directly over the base of support, then the object is stable and balanced. But, if the centre of mass is off kilter, then the line of force acting on the centre of mass (gravity in figures 1 and 2) lands outside the base of support, and the object will fall over.

Imagine this: if you’re standing still and you slowly lean forward, there is a point at which your body intervenes and you step forward with a foot to catch yourself. The point at which you lose balance and have to step forward is when your centre of mass is no longer over your base of support (the area between your feet). The bigger the base of support, the easier it is to balance –that’s why it’s easier to stand on two feet than to balance on one. The closer the centre of mass is to the base of support, the easier it is to balance. That explains why it’s much harder to lose your balance laying down than it is while standing up.

PigaONE© is biohacking

Biohacking, as the name suggests, is finding a way to more efficiently manipulate human biology. Biohacking allows you to enhance or improve the efficiency of any aspect of health.

In the case of fitness industry, biohacking include drinking caffeine to give you energy during a workout, taking branch chain amino acids (BCAA) after a workout to enhance muscle repair, or using PigaONE© to have incredible balance and toned feet.

By wearing PigaONE© during your training, you will hack your way into a more efficient workout allowing you to achieve fitness goals faster.

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Neuromuscular activation

Have you ever stumbled out of bed and wondered why it takes so long for you to gain your balance and walk straight? Has it made you wonder if and how your legs are listening to what your brain is telling them to do?

When it’s time to work out, you need the body to be ready to perform. You want the pathways from the brain to the muscles to be clear and communicated well, so you can have maximum performance. These pathways are how neuromuscular activation affects your workout. Neuromuscular activation is how the connections between our brains and our muscles relate. Neuro comes from the nervous system, which sends signals from the brain to the muscular system. It’s the conversation between your muscles and your brain.

Correct neuromuscular activation can result in significant differences in workout performance.  Some simple routines prior to, and during exercise can be very effective at improving neuromuscular activation. PigaONE© is designed to stimulate arch of your foot to strengthen the inner muscles of your feet, and its tendons, thanks to its patent-pending PostureForceTM technology. Wearing PigaONE© strengthens your body from the bottom up, whether you’re a barefoot athlete, a weightlifter or a runner.

What is proprioception?

In most barefoot sports, your feet are the only point of contact between your body and the floor. So your performance success depends in part on their proprioception — the sense of where they are in space, much like a GPS monitor. The more precisely your feet work to grip the floor, the better they'll help you activate the muscles farther up your body in the movement chain.

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Did you know that the soles of your feet contain more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body?

The neuromuscular foot activation power of PigaONE© works by stimulating the plantar arch’s nervous endings that transfer information to the brain, which in turn prompts the body to react and making the necessary adjustments to keep your standing position. By wearing PigaONE©, you amplify your proprioception, giving your better balance and whole-body awareness.

Research and development

PigaONE© came to fruition after two years of research, development and experimentation with a team of experts including a doctor in podiatric medicine to create the dual-action PostureForceTM plantar arch-support technology.

Clinical studies

Clinical trials have shown that PigaONE© improved the weight bearing areas of the feet for better floor anchoring. This led to enhanced global posture. These trials demonstrated a reduction in the oscillation of the center of gravity, and less energy loss while maintaining balance. 90% of subjects observed better balance while wearing PigaONE©.

Below are heatmap* videos demonstrating the contact surface of the feet on ground while walking – barefoot and while wearing PigaONE©. This analysis used Win-Track©, a gate-analysis plate.

Before and after images show an improvement of weight-bearing area of the feet while wearing PigaONE, which means improved contact-surface with the ground (1). 

*The heatmap is a visual way of displaying numerical values by using colors. Low values look blue, while higher values are orange or red.

(1) The effect of PigaONE may vary depending on the type of foot, the gait pattern, the center of mass, etc.

What’s next for PIGA?

At PIGA, we are thinking further into the future and elaborating a whole line of products based on the PostureForceTM technology. We are determined to focus on research and development in footwear technology. It’s our mission to bring you novel products dedicated to fitness and well-being that call on the body’s intelligence to improve your performance and overall wellbeing.